Attic Conversions Dublin

Attic conversions can be one of the most cost-effective ways of creating more space within your home. Depending upon the dimensions you have readily available to you, they are perfect for extra bedrooms with or without suites, offices, play rooms and so on. At JN Builders Dublin, we ensure a stress-free attic conversion for all our clients.

Looking to get an Attic Conversion Dublin? It could be your office, a recreation rooms for the kids, a studio or even another bedroom. Your attic could be a fantastic living space you’re currently losing out on.

Many of our clients in Dublin that were having trouble making space for what they required within their home have actually discovered that an attic conversion is the perfect option to this problem. We particularly advise an attic conversion have the space to expand at ground level.

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Attic Conversions Dublin

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Attic conversions are reasonably direct to do, so long as you have an knowledgeable builder with great carpenters performing the work. It is critical that the structural integrity of your home is maintained at all times. 

Both while the work is being carried out and after the work has been finished. We would highly advise having an architect approve any alterations made to an attic to guarantee that all building regulations have been adhered too.

We Perform Attic Conversions In North & South Dublin

Depending on the roof structure you have, attic conversions can differ in complexity. For example: If you have a truss roof, which effectively suggests a roofing system that has been manufactured off site and lifted into place. These can be more time taking and pricey to perform.

If you have a hipped roof construction which efficiently suggests a roofing system that slopes down to the seamless gutters on 3 sides, it can imply that head space left after the conversion has actually been performed can be restricted. Depending upon the size of your attic. There are certainly services to this.

One of those services is to fit dormer windows which generally speaking will need you to apply for planning permission. As will any Velux windows you wish to fit at the front of your home. We pride ourselves on being able to run through all of these prospective challenges will prospective clients and discover solutions, not problems.

Dormer Attic Conversions Dublin

When you select an attic conversion in Dublin, it’s important to select qualified, experienced contractors Dublin who understand the process and can advise on the most cost-efficient way to get what you desire without jeopardizing on quality and safety. We can offer our own architect to work through the design process for you, advising the most effective yet stylish method to get what you want from your attic conversion.

We will provide you a clear, comprehensive home attic conversion quote and talk you through each aspect of the cost. By combining our experience with ingenious thinking, we can provide cost efficient services without ever jeopardizing on quality or safety. We also offer bathroom renovation services.

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