Attic Conversion Dublin Cost – How Much Does Attic Conversion Cost?

If you’re considering an attic conversion, however, are weighing up the costs, we’re here to lay out all the cost. As a rule of thumb, you should not invest more than 15% of your home’s value into converting your attic into a living space. Typically, a complete rehab involves working with an unfinished attic space, and installing the following:

– Proper Insulation
– Ventilation
– Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC)
– Interior walls, ceiling and trim (includes drywall and paint)
– Electric work
– Flooring
– Stairway for easy access from the floor below
– Windows for air flow, light and emergency egress
– Bathroom (includes plumbing work)

All Dublin Attic Conversion Costs

It’s not an easy task estimating the exact cost of an attic conversion in Dublin. On average, the standard cost of an attic conversion in Dublin is around €15,000, but as a good rule of thumb, you’ll typically want to budget around between €12,000 to €18,000 (note: this price is excluding VAT).

Basic attic conversion costs – €15,000.
First things to start with: numerous attics you see might not be considered ‘habitual’ by the building regulator and are supposed to be utilized as storage – but a lot of people still utilize the space as an extra bedroom or an office. The beginning price of a standard attic conversion of this type is around €15,000 on

Attic conversion cost with ceiling height – €30,000.
In order to increase the standard of your conversion to meet building requirements as a habitual space, there is a minimum height requirement for your ceiling. This kind of work might end up costing nearly double the starting expense – but does increase the value of your property, so could end up benefiting in the long term.

Attic conversion costs with ensuite – €4,500.
If you opt for the standard €15,000 attic conversion which a great deal of people choose, setting up an ensuite with this might cost you an addition €4,500. If you went for the €30,000 option, it could be €34,500 with an ensuite.

Attic roof-lights costs – €410.
Velux is the brand leader in this area and it can cost from €410 depending on what size you opt for.

Attic conversion with porch – €2,500.
If you’re seeking to really utilize the space another choice is building a window which also functions as a balcony – good. This might add an additional €2,500 to whatever work you have decided on. So there you have it – a break down of all the leading line costs to converting your attic – and we’re much more than delighted to chat to assist you to make this dream a reality. Contact us for a free quote today


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